Monday, September 7, 2015

Pumpkin Bowling
Builds on: Hand eye coordination, gross motor 

What you'll need:
8-10 Empty food cans
Acrylic paint
Card board
Drop cloth
2 small pumpkins

What to do:
Acrylic paint does stain so you should put down a drop cloth first and change everyone into clothes that can get dirty. Place the cans, paint and paint brushes out with a large enough piece of card board for all of the paint you are using. Place a dollop of each colored paint onto the cardboard and start painting your cans to resemble Halloween characters. 
Place your kids about 3 feet from the cans with a pumpkin and show them how to roll the pumpkins to knock down the wall. Since smaller pumpkins have bumps and aren't round they'll wander as they roll creating a fun challenge for the kids to overcome. 

*Don't let the kids throw the pumpkins since they could really hurt someone.

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