Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Felt Board Monsters
Builds on: creativity and imagination  
I actually got this idea from And Next Comes L for a felt board activity and decided to make some of my own monsters. It was a total hit! Hoots, Roos and even older kids love seeing what kind of monsters they can create together.

What you'll need:
6 different colored sheets of felt
1 sheet of white felt
Black paint pen
Felt board

What to do:

Cut out one large monster body shape with arms and legs from each of the colored felt sheets. It's best to have a different shape for each color to make it more interesting for the kids.

Using the white felt cut pairs of different sized shapes for the eyes. Color small solid circles to make the eyeballs as pictured. While those are drying use the left overs of the colored  and white felt sheets to cut out decorative pieces like hair, horns, clothes and teeth. What ever you can think of. 

Spread the pieces out on the felt board and show your little Hoot how to build on the monster by adding more pieces. Let them add pieces where ever they want.  Enjoy some quiet time!

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