Friday, September 4, 2015

Sheer The Sheep To Make Yarn
Builds on: dramatic play, sensory

What you'll need:

a square piece of clear contact paper
painters tape
permanent marker
1 bag of cotton balls
a low window

What to do:
Use the permanent marker to draw the outline of a sheep on the front of the contact paper. Tear 4 pieces of painters tape measuring the length of each side of the contact paper from the roll. Remove the protective paper from the adhesive side of the contact paper and place your drawing against the window, sticky side facing you. Use the pieces of tape to secure the sides of your picture to the window. Now grab your bag of cotton balls and invite the kids over.

Talk as much as you can about sheep as the cotton balls are put on and pulled off. Say the sheep is cold when it has no wool and hot when it does. Talk about how the "wool" is soft and rub it on an arm. Show them how to pull the pieces apart and twist it in their fingers if they are older. Make sheep noises. Anything you say is building your littles vocabulary so chat it up and acknowledge any grunts as a response. 

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